Couples Massage

If you and your partner are looking to add to your sensual repertoire as a couple or wish to reignite your spark, then a Couples Massage could be exactly what you’re looking for. Tantra facilitates the opening up of the senses to greater levels of pleasure and sensuality, so by taking this journey with your partner you may find it to be a deeply erotic and bonding experience, helping you to achieve greater sexual joy.

Many couples may feel hesitant about trying a couples massage; after all it may feel strange to invite a third person to join you for a sensual experience. It can be exciting but also very daunting.

Yoni Massage

But no matter how exciting it may sound; you both need to talk about it in great detail before booking an appointment with me. Fortunately, however, I am highly experienced in performing a couple’s massage and will cater to your desires.

I will work at a pace that you are both comfortable with. You will both be lying next to each other allowing erotic feelings to pass through you both while I am carrying out your couples massage simultaneously.

All ladies who we recommend to couples are also genuinely bisexual with consistently wonderful feedback from couples, as well as from individual male and female clients.

  • Rekindle any intimacy issues within your relationship

  • Restore loving feelings for each other

  • Be more emotionally bonded with each other

  • Feel more confident sexually

A Couples Massage with a Birmingham couples masseuse enables you to explore your sensuality and to connect on an erotic level, and often in a deeply spiritual way, with your partner in a safe yet exciting space. I will be sure to enable plenty of time for you to commune with each other and will be happy to invite you to help her to massage your partner and vice versa, which is also a great way to add to your sensual repertoire whilst simultaneously pleasuring your partner.

Feel free to contact me for further details on my couples massage for couples in Birmingham.

Note: If you want anything specific during your massage (Such as: Yoni Massage, Prostate Massage, Genital Massage) please let me know prior to booking.

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